nutjobs did apply.

Following up from my Separatist Party of Alberta post yesterday, here’s part of a rant from the clearly dillussional Alberta Republicans.

As I clearly enjoy making fun of these silly people, please feel free to read this incredibly ridiculous rant….

The Road To Alberta
By: Alan Clark

People have told me that I must impress on my fellow Albertans that independence is nothing to fear. “Let them know that Alberta will be the same tomorrow as it is today.” Well that may be but not if I had my way.

Canada, more than any other country, is grounded in Marxist fundamentalism. Surely, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and even America to a certain degree have their share of socialist planning. But those countries have long histories and vastly more experience than Canada. They have all known periods of great liberty. The greater the liberty, the greater the nation. It’s no coincidence that the last two great powers, the United States and Great Britain before her, were the greatest libertarian nations of their time.

Canada’s formative years were at the height of socialist fundamentalism. Our system of government could have been written by Karl Marx himself. Every aspect of a Canadian’s life is planned by the government. From the cradle to the grave. You are born in a government owned hospital. Delivered by a government employed doctor. Parked in a government subsidized day care. Educated in a government funded school by a government employee. The weight of your cereal box is scrutinized by government as is the printing on the box. The radio you listen to comes via government controlled airwaves from a station which has government approval to broadcast. The books you read are vetted by a government censor. Your job is regulated by government agencies. Notwithstanding the genocide of the Jews, there is simply no functional difference between being a Canadian and being a German under Hitler.

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