klein v. gore & american politics 101.

Tory Premier Ralph Klein once again proved to the world that his knowledge of American politics is limited to assumptions and jiggerypokery. Today, Klein called former US Vice-President Al Gore “about as far left as you can go,” which is just plain wrong.

Here is the story:

“I don’t know what he proposes the world run on, maybe hot air,” Klein told reporters Tuesday. “I don’t listen to Al Gore in particular because he’s a Democrat. And not only that, he’s about as far left as you can go.

“The simple fact is America needs oil. They need gas. And unless he can find some other source, fine.”

Klein has stirred controversy in the past by rejecting scientific data suggesting industrial pollution is one of the leading causes of global warming.

He has even said global warming trends that occurred millions of years ago may have been caused by “dinosaur farts.”

Not only are Klein’s comments embarrassingly bush-league and uninformed, but they again point out his near complete lack of knowledge about American politics.

I would suggest that Klein, or one of his hundred minions in the Public Affairs Bureau, simply check out the Wikipedia entries on Gore and global warming (source: Internet). Then he might not have to resort to cheap personal attacks when he disagrees with someone – especially when he is supposed to be representing Albertans in foreign capitals.

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