blown away by lethbridge.

Make no mistake, Lethbridge is a windy city.

Things in Lethbridge are going well. I had a great tour of the University of Lethbridge today (which included a walk down “the longest hall in the world” in their University Hall – yes, it was really really long).

On another note, it’s nice to see that after setting his mind on closing down the Alberta Legislature for the next year, Premier Klein has decided to have a fall sitting of the Assembly:

The legislative assembly office sent out a notice today saying the second session of the 26th legislature will resume at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

This unexpected session will come at a particularily vulnerable time for the Alberta Progressive Conservatives, who will be quickly approaching a leadership race of their own in the last months of 2006. It should be interesting to see how much control the fairly lame-duck Klein dynasty will have on the PC Caucus at that point.

This unexpected fall session will also give Kevin Taft‘s Alberta Liberals, the NDP, and the Alberta Alliance a chance to bring up the issues that matter in Question Period (albeit a short one).

It will also give dejected former-Tory-now-Independent MLA and still-Tory leadership candidate Lyle Oberg a chance to reapply to join the caucus he wants to lead (yes, it is messed up…)

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