ann coutler is gay.

A couple of things…

– Ann Coulter thinks Bill Clinton is gay because he has a lot of hetrosexual sex. Makes perfect sense to me.

– Political convention extraveganza! Kevin Taft‘s Alberta Liberals had a sucessful policy convention in June, the Alberta Greens had their convention the same weekend, the Alberta New Democrats will be having a convention in October, and the Alberta PC‘s will be having their leadership convention in November(ish). Not that this is huge news, political parties have political onventions, but just a note.

– Political guru Ken Chapman has started a blog. Chapman is close with the Dave Hancock Campaign for the Alberta PC leadership and was also a campaign strategist for former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan in Edmonton Centre. Thanks to Allie for pointing me towards Ken’s blog.

CalgaryGrit is having an amazing summer contest. Check it out!

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