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From yesterday’s Edmonton Journal, here is the breakdown of how the Alberta PC leadership race is going to work. Notice the part that says “No rules on how much money can be raised, or any disclosure of donors…”


When campaign begins: Most leadership candidates have been unofficially campaigning for years, but the PC party will officially fire the starter’s pistol in September, once Premier Ralph Klein hands in his resignation letter

Who can run: Any party member who files nomination papers by late September, along with signatures of 500 fellow Tories and a $15,000 non-refundable deposit (although some figures could change before official start)

Who can vote: Anybody who buys a $5 PC Association of Alberta membership. Must be Canadian citizen, 16 years or older, and have lived in Alberta for at least six months

How vote works: On first ballot, each party member selects one candidate. If nobody gets a clear majority, the top three contenders advance. On second ballot, members mark their first two choices. If no clear winner emerges on first choice, counters tally the second-choice picks of the person who finished last. Eventually, a new leader is crowned

When is the vote: The first and second ballots will be held on either Nov. 18 and 25, or Nov. 25 and Dec. 2

Campaign finance rules: No rules on how much money can be raised, or any disclosure of donors.

First ballot in 1992 race:
Nancy Betkowski – 16,393
Ralph Klein – 16,392
Rick Orman – 7,649
Doug Main – 5,053
John Oldring – 2,798
Lloyd Quantz – 1,488
Ruben Nelson – 1,250
Elaine McCoy – 1,115
Dave King – 587

Second ballot in 1992:
Ralph Klein – 46,245
Nancy Betkowski – 31,722

(Third-place Orman withdrew)

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