say it ain’t so, harrison!

The other night, I made the unfortunate mistake of renting the film Firewall staring Harrison Ford, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Paul Bettany. I seriously can’t describe how much I disliked this film.

I’m a fairly big Harrison Ford fan, and count the Indiana Jones trilogy as my favorite film trilogy, but not only did Firewall’s storyline present a weak plot and uninteresing characters, but the final scene presented the sour icing on the cake – I really wish someone could explain to me what the deal was with the abandoned log cabin on the lake?!?

And what was the best line in the film? Twas was a nobrainer:

Janet Stone (Rajskub): What are you doing?
Jack Stanfield (Ford): Going to get my dog!

On my film list for the near future:
Good Night and Good Luck
The American President

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