oil fever.

Oilers fever swept Edmonton over the past month – and our team played great in the Stanley Cup play-offs – the final series in particular. Though they weren’t able to make the Stanley Cup an Edmonton reality tonight – the Edmonton Oilers brought themselves back from a 3-1 series to Game 7! Good work, guys! You did awesome!

And of course, congrats to the Carolina Hurricanes in offering to take care of Lord Stanley’s Cup for the next year – we’ll be asking for it back in 12 months. 😉

On a side note, the bar I watched Game 7 at was picking up a satellite feed from Atlantic Canada and showed at least two Pizza Delight commercials every commercial break… Pizza Delight must have spent their entire advertizing budget on the Stanley Cup final series…

And finally, we shall see if Whyte Ave survives the night – the kill-joycopter is flying low tonight…

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