rona ambrose’s minivan adventure.

I got a new MacBook laptop yesterday and I am very very pleased with my purchase.

One of the many fun features of the MacBook is the cool camera at the top of the screen… hence my vainess being exposed through the ten minute self-photo session in my office… the only picture not being deleted ending up in this post.

It’s also really light – so it will be great to bring around when I’m in Ottawa and Toronto next week. Oh yeah, btw, I’m going to Ottawa and Toronto next week…

I was invited to Environment Minister Rona Ambrose‘s Clean Air Day Celebration of Love in the Rain today. As you can imagine, it was pouring rain the entire time. Ambrose rode up in the train to Health Sciences Station and sped through a ribbon. I’m still not sure what the event was even for… maybe they were offering tax credits or something useless like that…

There were lots of RCMP everywhere. Ambrose jumped off the LRT, scrumed for 2 minutes, and then was swept off in a MiniVan to the Jubilee Auditorium as to not be lowered to the level of having to walk through the 100 or so environmental activists who gathered outside the station.

The most ironic part is that the Jubilee Auditorium was only a block away. Yes, Canada’s Environment Minister needed a MiniVan to travel one city block on Clear Air Day… uh huh…

UPDATE: The Edmonton Journal covered Ambrose’s minivan adventure… Fleeing Minister Takes Van over LRT.

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