who’s blogging from the pc convention floor?

Not me.

But check out Allie, Duncan, and Blake – who are blogging from the Alberta PC convention and leadership review in Calgary where Premier Ralph Klein will meet his fate this evening as conventioneers cast their ballots on his future.

Check out their live blogging – but just take everything they say with a grain of salt – they are “on Ralph’s Team” after all.

The whole “cult of the leader” bit that Alberta Tories try to pull off has always caused my stomach to churn in an unpleasant way. I just don’t buy it.

Mind you, I also don’t think Ralph Klein has been a good Premier by any sense of the imagination.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the yet to be announced results of the leadership review…

As much as I’d like Klein to face a stunning rebuttal on the convention floor, part of me would like Klein to get a tempid showing of support that will allow him to stay on for the next 18 months. This would lead to months and months of wonderful blogging material as the leadership candidates jostle to force Klein to retire earlier. Alberta a la Chrétien.

But we shall see tonight… I’ll post the results when I get them…

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