notorious distractions.

For those of you looking for some distracting reprieve from the onslaught of final exams, here are some notorious distractions that will provide your mind with some of the entertainment it desires…

The Shining – a great parody trailer.

– Are you feeling GREAT?

Yakko Warner and the countries of the world (I’m going to memorize this song by the end of the summer).

– The new trailer for X-Men 3: the Last Stand has been running for sometime now. It looks like a pretty sweet production.

– Anyone remember the mid-1990’s kids cartoon “Dino-Riders?” If so, you can nerd it up on their website

– And finally, a BIG SHOUT OUT to my good friend Amika Schodie, who sent me an email last night from the beautiful Greek island of Naxos. After a year stint of living in the UK, she’s now on a cross-continental journey across Europe for the next couple months.

Here is a great quote in her email about Athens:

it is really cool to be surrounded by so much history but the city itself is kinda dirty and creepy. and there’s a garbage strike on so it’s stinky too! but the area around the markets and restaurants and ruins is really cool, it’s very greek!!

(You can thank/blame chris-face for the links to most of these links)

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