klein vs. the tirekickers…

In a huge almost Chretienian move, Premier Ralph Klein has called on Ministers in his cabinet who are planning to run in the Alberta PC Leadership Race to resign by June 1st…

Klein orders ministers running for Alberta PC leadership to quit by June 1

Jim Macdonald, Canadian Press
Published: Wednesday, March 15, 2006

EDMONTON (CP) – Alberta cabinet ministers who want to take a run at Ralph Klein’s job in two years will have to resign their portfolios by June 1, the premier said Wednesday.

Klein told The Canadian Press that he made the announcement at the daily government caucus meeting. So far three cabinet members are among the six men who have indicated interest in the leadership of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party – Transportation Minister Lyle Oberg, Advanced Education Minister Dave Hancock, and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Ed Stelmach.

I would say that this move is probably good for Jim Dinning and Ted Morton as they will now have a “level” playing feild in terms of media exposure and will be able to see who their real competition is.

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