hopefully better than the green lantern…

…because he seriously has to be the lamest superhero ever.

Enough of that.

Well, as the most loyal of the daveberta readership must have noticed, over the past couple weeks, blog posting has become more and more sporatic. So, here’s an update…

Bill Clinton! – Last Thursday evening, I went and listened to former US President Bill Clinton speak at Rexall Place. Wow. The man is such an amazing speaker. Thoughout the entire talk (around an hour and a half or so) he referred to no notes and didn’t even take a sip of water!

Skiing! – Now that there is snow in the great City of Edmonton, I’ve finally taken my cross-country skis out of hiding! I’m hoping to hop down to the river valley this weekend and get some skiing done before the winter is completely over.

Used Book Sales! – Last week, the Anthropology Graduate Students had a used-book sale in the Tory/Business Atrium. For $5, I was able to grab Volumes One and Two of Peter C. Newman‘s “The Canadian Establishment” and a great book for nerds like me called “Urban Politics and Public Policy.

Speech from the Throne…? – As much as I would really like to write about my visit to the Speech from the Throne at the Alberta Legislature three weeks ago, it would be extremely boring. Other than having nice conversations with people ranging from Graham Thomson, Ms. Katz, Laurie Blakeman, and Rob Lougheed, let’s just say that the cookies and juice were nice.

X-Men! – There is an ENTIRE Wikipedia Universe dedicated to the X-Men! Sweet!

Liberals, partisans, hacks? – While there are many many reasons why I am no longer a member of the Liberal Party of Canada (or any party for that matter), stuff like this makes it even easier to justify…

Work! – After a three week leave of absence, I’m back at work! Thank goodness. I missed my office. At least there will be some sense of normality over the next couple weeks.

Election? – oh, yeah. I won. thanks.

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