last post mentioning emerson…

…for a while at least.

– Putting the Emerson fiasco to a slight rest, we’d like to congratulate the 18% of Vancouver Kingswayites on their stunning victory. No one saw it coming.

– Michel Fortier: “I didn’t run, because I didn’t want to run. wow. We don’t want to run either, can we become a cabinet minister and get appointed to the Senate? Talk about culture of entitlement.

– Harper’s 1st cabinet is surprisingly low on the “Reformer” flavour. Only 3 of the original Reformers elected in 1993 made it to “full cabinet minister” status (including Harper, Monte Solberg, and Chuck Strahl).

– Yesterday morning we received what can only be described as the most ridiculous/hilarious piece of spam EVER. No only is it some sort of pyramid scheme, but it’s detailed in our very own individual video!!! “Dear Mr. Berta”

It’s quite hilarious. Make sure to keep an eye on the suggestive poses of the woman…

Unfortunately, since we originally watched the video, we’ve gotten about 8 emails from them wanting to know if we’re buying in to their little scheme…

– Today is the one year anniversary of Premier Ralph Klein’s promise to Albertans that by September 2006, Alberta will have the most affordable post-secondary tuition policy in the country.

Here’s the exact quote…

“By the time post-secondary students head back in September 2006, Alberta will define a new tuition policy for the 21st century. It will be the most affordable, entrepreneurial, and affordable tuition policy in the country. We will do whatever it takes to make sure money isn’t a barrier to attending Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.”

We have yet to see this tuition policy, but we’re hoping he will stick to his promise for September 2006.

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