buzz off and get a shotgun…

heh heh.

Buzz Hargrove got the boot from the NDP (we can see the ads now… “this February, give Buzz the boot…”).

We don’t find this surprising seeing how the rift between Hargrove and the NDP has substantially grown in the past few years (we remember listening to an argument between Hargrove and then-NDP leader Alexa McDonough on CBC Radio One‘s As It Happens following her stepping down as leader – wow, she kept calling him “Basil” – you could have cut the tension between them with a knife).

Though were sure that his endorsing the Liberals in the last election (and his kind of endorsement of the Bloc…) had more to do with it than anything else.

If anything, we think this is a good move. Distancing the NDP from twits like Hargove and the grip of big labour (even symbolically) could help them expand their base of support.

– Second, United States Vice-President Dick Cheney shot someone with a shotgun!

Was Dick Cheney hunting people? No.

But it is slightly funny in a sick sort of way.

(Props to Anonymotron for “establishing [his] conservative credentials” by emailing us the story and gun links…)

UPDATE! Tomorrow’s headlines: “Cheney caused friendly fire incident

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