we shook jack layton’s hand! oh oh!

Woah, Dave! You’re certainly wading into enemy territory” were the words that came from the mouth of an acquaintance last night when they saw us at Jack Layton’s rally at the Bonnie Doon Community Hall.

That is correct, Senator, we were indeed in attendance at the Jack Layton rally. But no, we are not now, nor have we ever been a member of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Anyway… having been to and organized many political rallies in the past, we have some reflections about this one in particular…

1. There was definitely a lot of positive energy in the room.

2. 100% Props to the organizers, it was a packed and well managed event.

3. We attended a rally way back in 2004 for Paul Martin in the same hall (this is more of a general comment).

4. Though he was speaking to a converted crowd, Mr. Layton’s performance was impressive. He had energy, and his message was clear. He also made a convincing call for soft-Liberal voters to “put the Liberals in the penalty box.

Suggestions for Jack Layton…

1. Don’t wade into provincial politics. Last night, in the presence of Brian Mason and the mighty Alberta NDP Caucus of 4, Layton took a tiny swipe at the Alberta Liberal Opposition, calling the Alberta NDP the “real opposition” in Alberta‘s Legislature.

Number 1#, perhaps Mr. Layton doesn’t realized that there are a lot of Alberta Liberal/Federal NDP supporters in Linda Duncan’s Edmonton Strathcona riding who will be supporting Linda on the 23rd.

Federal support for a political party does not equal support for a provincial party. We may support Linda Duncan in Edmonton Strathcona, but provincially, we support Alberta Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman in Edmonton Centre. There are many like us who support different parties at different levels. We don’t appreciate the slam (plus, Brian Mason is a flake).

This has to be one of our top “pet peeves” we have with the NDP, and one of the main reasons why we would never join them (among other reasons). When you become a member of the federal wing, you automatically become a member of the provincial wing. Not a positive in our books. Provincial and Federal politics are two different puppies.

2. Working Families. Mr. Layton majorly overused this phrase during his speech. It’s fairly obvious that “working families” is code for “union members.” Call it what it is. Working families sounds corny when it’s overused. It also assumes that someone is classified by their occupation. Perhaps it’s because we don’t believe in the overall “class-war,” but it sounded quite flakey.

Yeah, that’s our take… check out c-lo’s take on the rally here


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