pre-election weekend!!!!! the fun begins to wrap up…

Well, it’s a little under T-minus 2 days until Election Day on Monday.

Here are a couple of things…

We went to our last regular election panel on CityTV last night. It was fun. We were particularly energetic and aggressive, so they let us talk a lot longer than the other panelists. 😛

For those of you who missed us last night, you still have a chance to catch us on CityTV’s election night panel starting around 10pm on Monday evening. The panel will be commenting on results as they come in. U of A Political Science Professor Gurston Dacks will also be there.

It should be fun, though we’re quite sure we’ll need a few stiff drinks after the results come in…

For those of you interested, we’re featured on the BBC News website along with fellow Canadian bloggers Bart Ramson, Jason Cherniak, Colby Cosh, Kate McMillan, and Steve Janke.

We went out partying at Halo last night. It was mod night. It was sssooooo radtacular.

The people at Make Poverty History have released a list of candidates who support the Make Poverty History Goals.

The radtacular Bart Ramson has endorsed Bruce Benson, Liberal candidate in Selkirk-Interlake.

For those of you near the University of Alberta Campus on Monday, the Political Science Undergraduate Association will be hosting an Election Night party at the Powerplant.

John Bowman from CBC‘s “blog report” has an interesting post about how Section 329 pf the Canada Elections Act may have an issues with bloggers posting election results as they come in…

– The always wonderful Janet has set up an election prediction contest – you can check it out and join the fun here! “The deadline is Monday, January 23, 2006 at 12pm EST (that’s 10am for you Edmonton folks). So enter early!

ADDENUM – Steve Smith is also conducting an election prediction contest!

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