five weird things…

Last week, Angry in T.O. tagged us in a game of “Five Weird Things…”

As the game-name suggests, we list off five weird things about ourselves and then tag a couple of non suspecting blogging folks… so… here… we… go…

1. We love Maynard’s Wine Gums. In fact, we can eat an entire pack without even thinking about it (the 7 hour sugar rush is a bit of a kick though).

2. We’ve been to Ribstone, Alberta (how many other people can say they’ve done that…)

3. Everytime we see an NDP lawnsign, we think of orange popsicles (we live in the Garneau area, so we end up thinking about orange popsicles quite a bit).

4. We have an unhealthy obsession with public policy. We can’t stop reading policy reports. Not just on the job, but at home, and at Tim Horton’s, and at the Sugarbowl…

5. Our Cross-Country Skis were “Made in the USSR.” And yes, they are wood. They are awesome.

So, in retaliation for Angry in T.O.‘s tagging us, we shall tag Socialist Swine, Section 15, Zorph, Peter Rempel, and Taracool.

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