captain james tiberius harper?

The always insightful Interlocutor has written a great post about Conservative leader Stephen Harper’s alleged fondness for everything Star Trek… a little part of us died when we heard the news… the Captain James Tiberius Kirk and the adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise just won’t be the same anymore…

“So it turns out Stephen Harper is a huge Star Trek fan (see the revelatory blog post from “The Shotgun Blog” at Ezra Levant’s shitty magazine, as well as a corroborating Edmonton Journal story).

I am saddened on so many levels to hear this, and also profoundly confused.

Why? Because this news grievously undermines one of my long-held theories concerning how this particular pop culture preference reflects political alignment: specifically, as I’m sure everyone knows, conservatives typically prefer Star Wars, and progressives usually prefer Star Trek. (If you’re not convinced, has an illuminating four-part piece on the subject.)”

We are saddened as well. We recommend you read the rest of Interlocutor’s post here.

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