and the lamest party logo award goes to…

The Western Block Party! This bunch of crazies, led by holocaust denying lawyer Douglas Christie, may only be running 4 candidates in this campaign, but they’re sure to win Mrs. Jenkins Grade 2 Art competition…

As well, the NDP have a new game up on their website… Creibility Hunt. We think the NDP may have spent too much of their energy thinking up of these website games, rather than on how to run an effective national election campaign… 😛

And in the weirder than the Western Block Party category… Edmonton’s Northern Star College of Mystical Studies is now accepting applications for the fall semester. Courses at the college include:

• Body Feng Shui
• Meditation
• Massage For Couples
• Reiki – Levels I, II, III
• Certification Programs:
• Aromatherapy
• Flower Essences
• Herbology
• Journey Through The Chakras –
A Pathway To Freedom.

And tuition is only $4650 per year!

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