the sound a falling government makes is "thump"

Tune in! 3 pm Edmonton time is when live coverage of “non-confidence vote: part 2” is to take place. It should be a fun showdown! We’ve never seen a federal government fall! (THUMP!)

Good luck to all those involved in campaigns across the country. Play nice and have fun! 🙂

We plan to have mostly Edmonton related campaign updates/gossip (for national coverage, we’re sure CG will have his share of insight).

btw, we were in a cab last night with a driver who couldn’t stop telling us some of the more offensive racist jokes we’ve heard in a long time. Slightly more disturbing that he was telling us them in the first place…

And finally, thanks to the half-dozen daveberta readers who emailed us commenting on the new template! We’re glad you like it (and we love fan mail! [insert inflated ego here]) 😛

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