awwww… isn’t that cute!

Doesn’t it look like Warren K has a tiny crush on our good friend CG?

“November 21, 2005 – The Calgary Grit is one of the best bloggers in Canada, and not simply because we usually agree with each other. He’s one of the best because he’s smart, he’s funny, and he’s a terrific writer. And when you meet him – as I did, at the March 2005 Ottawa Liberal convention I attended as a delegate, no less – you will be depressed by how young he is. He made me feel 100 years old, in fact.”

“November 23, 2005 – Once again, I cannot improve upon what is being written by Calgary Grit – a young guy who, I hasten to point out, is doing better research/commentary, for free, than what we see out of a lot of the MSM based in Ottawa these days. Amazing.”

That’s cute. 🙂

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