12:30 gomery recap.

arg. We should have been spending the morning writing papers, but instead we found ourselves sitting in front of the television watching CBC Newsworld’s coverage of the Gomery Report.

Watching QP right now.

As for the press conferences…

Jack Layton’s press conference was interesting. He now needs to be fairly careful in what he decides to do. He called the Liberals corrupt, so can he now save face if the NDP continues to prop up Mr. Martin’s minority government or will the NDP move to topple the Liberals.

Stephen Harper didn’t do a bad job. His press conference went well in our opinion. He was calm and not overly angry, which looked good.

The Prime Minister’s press conference wasn’t bad. He mentioned the Liberal Party as little as possible. He also had a good game for the most part, but we could tell he was getting tired come the end. He was starting to bumble by the end. We doubt Mr. Martin got very much sleep last night. He did fairly well in not answering questions about Jean Chretien, referring them to the Gomery Report. Gagliano=BANNED. $1.14 Million refunded…

Former Prime Minsiter Jean Chretien’s press conference is going to be held at 5pm eastern time (3pm Alberta time). That one should be interesting…

and… can someone explain to us why is Jean LaPierre in Cabinet, again?

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