voltaire’s bastard party.

Watch out Paul. Stephen. Jack.

There’s a new political force to be reckoned with.

“The Art of Natural Family Planning: An Examination of Political Upheaval in Paradise.”

Stroff Waggardly

Columniste politique and professional pedant.

The political establishment rolled on with its customary inertia today, barely cognizant of the shifting political landscape. And how the landscape did shift, like the earth that moves in a slow slump annually. Today, a new party arose from foam and seashells off the coast of the Hadriantic Sea: not a party of love or of myth, but rather a party politic. Yea unto them who have grown a-weary of Hot Datum’s vegetable and vegetative tyranny. The members of the newly-constituted Voltaire’s Bastard Party established an executive, a charter, and a raison d’etre en retard. The political parties of convention occupy an ever-wavering position on the left-right political spectrum, but for these Voltacrats, that is passe compose – a tired relic of the political paleontological record. Instead, the Voltaire’s Bastard Party intends to occupy the realm of “the unstupid, rather than the unwashed.”

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