too early…

Well, after a great weekend of fun and partying (Sunday night was particularily fun), we went to the Canada Conference which began last night (but we only showed up this morning).

Breakfast at 7:30am took some effort (considering we were up until 2am writing papers…). One of the most interesting parts of the morning was when we got lost looking for the Sutton Place Hotel, where the conference was being held (considering we used to live downtonw… we chalk it up for being 7:00am).

The breakfast was interesting. Some of the early morning risers included U of A Board of Governor’s Chair Jim Edwards (who is also a former Tory MP), Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft, and U of A President Indira Samarasekera. The breakfast was interesting…. but too early…

The luncheon was interesting as well. 🙂 More details soon.

Also, did anyone in Edmonton hear the thunderstorm this afternoon??? It’s October!?!?! Rain and thunder? Weird.

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