We’re currently sitting here in SUB looking at the paper that will not end. The sheer suckiness of it is sucking the life forces out of us. Literally!

We started it last Wednesday and don’t feel like it’s EVER going to end. It’s not a big paper by any stretch of the imagination. We planned for it to only be 7-8 pages. But, like a mole in a hole, we are approaching the eight pages with no end in sight. Arg! We really dislike these small paper types. All we want to do is write our little heart out, and they restrict us… anyway…

We’re sitting here in SUB and we can only be described as a refugee from our massive pot-headed housemate. We’re like the Palestinians of Garneau! (kidding…) We have nothing against mari-ju-an-a on its own, it’s the moron on the other side is the problem. 24/7 can be a little overwhelming. It’s like living with Cheech or Chong (the non-cool one-the one that wasn’t on Nash Bridges). Our friend thinks he’s a dealer. We don’t think he’s smart enough to pull that off.

Anyway… for the record, the wireless connection here in SUB sucks in a major way. So far, we’ve been sitting here for over 3 hours and have had to reconnect over 20 times. We’re willing to accept that it could be our lame PC laptop, but we’re not ruling out that it’s the fault of that shady organization known as the ‘Students’ Union.’ Shady bunch, indeed. 😉 Maybe we’ll write an epic story for this blog soon. We’ll see… Anyway, back to the paper mill…

ADDENUM 1.1: We see that the scoundrel of Calgary himself, Mr. C. Grit has linked us up in a post again. Props for the linkage, Mr. Grit. You are a lady and a gentleman.

ADDENUM 1.2: For those of you interested in heckling, Mr. Peter Mackay will be on the U of A campus on Thursday speaking about how he gave up the chance to be Nova Scotia’s Premier or something.

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