Due to the entire rediculousness of this issue, we haven’t been paying much attention to it. But, today (right now), as we write a paper, we also have the Dingwall hearings on in the background.

Here’s our translation of the Dingwall hearing:

Backbench Tory MP: “Mr. Dingwall, are you corrupt?

Dingwall: “uhhh… Mr. Chair, let me talk to my lawyer.

Backbench Liberal MP: “ohhhh, Mr. Dingwall. Yoou’re soooo gooood.

Dingwall: “Bless you my child.

Backbench Tory MP: “For crying out loud Mr. Dingwall! Do you eat babies?

Dingwall: “Mr. Chair, I’m not an expert on that and I wish to consult my legal council.

Backbench Liberal MP: “ooohhh. David Dingwall, you are soooo goood!

Dingwall: “Ooohhhh. Legal advice…

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