the incredible grandinite blog survey!

An email from Aaron of Grandinite fame…

Friends of the Canadian Blogosphere:

As I stated, not one month ago, on Calgary’s QR 770 with Rob Breakenridge: you have not heard the last of Aaron Braaten.

I bring to you the Great Canadian Blog Survey at

There’s info on the site if you want to direct people straight to the survey and cut out the middleman. If you get a pop-up, that’s the survey.

Please help me publicize it. If you link to it, just respond to this email so I can acknowledge you in the final reports.

Let’s get ‘er done.

The more respondents the survey gets, the faster the report will come out and the sooner you ‘linkers’ are immortalized in Canada’s best blog survey, done by a blogger for his fellow bloggers.

Plus you will be helping a budding young economist finish his master’s thesis.

Five minutes out of your busy day of blogging. Five minutes is all I ask.

To those of you who link to it: thank you. For those of you who do not, please take my survey!


Aaron Braaten

Founder of:

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