"Please Lord let me have another oil boom and I won’t piss it away"

This morning we were feeling particularily frustrated with the Alberta Government’s complete lack of vision when it comes to what to do with Alberta’s “new found” wealth.

So, we wrote a letter to the Edmonton Journal…

“Please Lord let me have another oil boom and I won’t piss it away”

Albertans are privileged to have the option of issuing $300 rebate cheques. But simply because we have the ability to do so, it does not mean we should. We could do many things with this money. We could build a giant statue of Ralph Klein in Churchill Square, but it doesn’t mean we should.

Let’s invest in our communities. Let’s invest in our education and advanced education systems. Let’s invest our wealth in the future of our province so that the generations of tomorrow can enjoy the economic wealth that the politicians of today take for granted.

ahhh. That feels a little better now.

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