links galore…

A couple of things…

A week ago, we were tagged by Mark from Section 15 to complete a quote meme which is going around. This looks like it’ll be a project to do next week. Hold your horses! It’ll rock y’r socks!

Mr. Calgary Grit is continuing the Greatest Prime Minister contest – go and vote!

We’ve also been cleaning out our bookmarks section on our computer, which was filled with over 200 links… here are some of the fun links we’d forgotten about…

1. Map of the 38th Parliament. A map of Canada with the colour coated riding-by-riding results of the 2004 federal election.

2. The Livingroom Candidate. For the political geek in all of us.

3. US Congressional Biography Directory. A search engine for bio’s of US Members of Congress past and present.

4. MapZone. One of our personal favorites. A map which has riding-by-riding results for every Alberta provincial election since 1905.

5. Communist Threat! Anti-Commie comic books from 1950’s USA.

6. Political Shagmatch. “The No.1 game with politicians screwing you for your vote!

7. Don’t Buy It. Design your own cereal box!

8. Batman Boner. Click to find out.

9. Videos. Awesome video clips of random stuff.

We’re sure we’ve picked these up at random blogs and whatnot, so claim them if you feel the need.

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