let the games begin.

It seems that the Alberta Liberals are getting their game face on for the next provincial election.

This evening, the Edmonton Castle Downs Constituency will nominate Chris Kibermanis as their Alberta Liberal Candidate for the next election. You may remember that Castle Downs produced the closest race in the last election, with Kibermanis, 29, originally defeating cocky Tory incumbent and playboy-wannabe, Thomas Lukaszuk, by 9 votes.

But it was not to be. In the days following Kibermanis’ election, Lukaszuk and his O.J. style Tory Legal team descended on the Castle Downs results in an orgy of legal attacks which ended in the usurping of the original results which had been approved by Elections Officials. In the end, a 9 vote deficit turned out to be a 6 vote surplus… suspicious indeed.

This time, the rematch looks to be hot as Kibermanis has at least a year to campaign as the Alberta Liberal candidate. It is not known whether Lukaszuk, who as much as we can tell, doesn’t do more than sit pretty in the backbenches and jump when ordered, will seek re-election.

Tonight’s nomination meeting is the first of what will be a string of candidate nominations in the coming months and also comes on the heels of the Connections 2005 Pasta Supper which drew over 500 Alberta Liberals last Friday in Edmonton.

With the race to replace aging Premier Ralph Klein in full swing and looking to be nasty (our “Deep Throats” in Calgary are witnessing the emergence of a “Ted Morton insugency” in many supposedly Paul Mar… er… “Jim Dinning friendly” ridings), Kevin Taft and the Alberta Liberals are more than definitely in a position to make major gains in soft-Tory ridings like Castle Downs.

Let the games begin!

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