everytime a bell rings, a political hack loses his moustache.

Rod! Say it ain’t so!

From Wednesday’s Edmonton Journal

…the moustache, Love said he “hacked it off” because he got tired of looking at it after 35 years.

Rod Love (seen here), who is “not a lobbyist,” recently re-left Premier Ralph Klein’s Office as Chief of Staff for the second time to rejoin the private sector. He also parted ways with his trademark massive moustache.

Mr. Love, who has been heavily involved in Kleinesian politics since 1980 was also one of the geniuses behind Stockwell Day’s “leadership” of the Canadian Alliance, and Belinda Stronach’s Conservative leadership bid. He is also very supportive of the Jim Dinning camp of the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership race, so don’t rule him out briefly coming back to the Premier’s office after Dinning smacks the bejesus out of the Ted Morton/Lyle Oberg/Mark Norris group only to be defeated in the next election (yes, you heard it here first!).

Alberta Liberal leader Kevin Taft is suggesting that the Alberta Government instate a cooling off period for insiders like Love, who hop in between the private consulting jobs and high level political positions. The issue came up after Mr. Love’s new consulting firm took out a large advertizment in last Tuesday’s Globe & Mail business section praising the experiences of Mr. Love.

Currently, there is a one year cooling off period for retiring or defeated Cabinet Ministers.

We tend to agree. A cooling off period for political insiders wouldn’t be so bad.

And yes, if you would like to see the newly moustachless Mr. Love, check out this coverage by Kevin Rich at CFCN Calgary.

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