and yes, the question is…

For those of you on the University of Alberta campus tomorrow, the Students’ Union is going to be starting its ‘The Question Is…’ speakers series.

Tomorrow’s question is… Sustainability.

The day will include:

  • A bike workshop from the People’s Peddle and ECOS (in Quad from 12-4pm)
  • A session on Forest Purchasing Policies by Christy Ferguson of Greenpeace (from 1-2 in Education 165)
  • A session on Presicides and the Community Gardening with Franny Trawluk, and Meredith James of the Sierra Club (from 2-3 pm at Dewey’s)
  • A session on Alberta’s Dangered Foothill Forests with Rebecca Reeves (from 3-4 in Education 164)
  • A forum on Sustainable Transit with Clare Stock, Linsday Telfour of the Sierra Club, and NDP MLA David Eggen (from 3:30-5pm at Dewey’s)
  • A lecture with Dr. David Schindler on Water Issues in Alberta from 5:30-7pm in Education 129.

So, stop by if you get the chance.

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