spam commenters flee in masses

new committee to crack down on freeloaders

For Immediate Release
August 18, 2005

EDMONTON- In a surprise pre-emptive assault, daveberta’s Ministry of Water, Fish, and Blog Comments has announced the creation of a new anti-spam committee named “Operation Spam Comments smell like dead gophers.”

This accessible, affordable, innovative, and entrepreneurial program will be headed by highly respected super-mega rock star Sabastian Bach.

Mr. Bach, who has freshly returned from a tour of the Middle East, will be joined on the committee by such hard hitting enforcers as Vince Neil, and former Canadian Member of Parliament Clarence Decantur Howe.

Daveberta Minister of Water, Fish, and Blog Comments praised the creation of the committee as “the worst thing to happen to spam commenters since Babylon 5 was cancelled.”

The Minister continued, “eight to ten spam comments a day is simply unacceptable. We fully expect the combined wit and superpowers of the three committee members to form an unbearable force to be reckoned with. This committee will be the most affordable and accessible anti-spam committee in the country. I promise that.”

Some of the tactics expected to be used by the new “enforcer committee” include wet noodle lashings, mouth soap washing, wedgies, blocking of anonymous comments, egging of houses, and tactical nuclear strikes.


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