Anonalogue promoting mumbo-jumboism


Anonalogue promoting mumbo-jumboism
daveberta calls on right-winger to come clean on his secret agenda of non-sex marriage

EDMONTON- Following today’s shocking accusations from right-wing blogger and Anne Cools-a-holic, Anonalogue, daveberta is calling on the Blogging Tory member to come clean on his secret agenda.

In an email dated Monday, August 15, 2005, Mr. Anonalogue denounced the wonderful chris-face original Southparkization of daveberta’s Editor-in-Chief. In his email, Mr. Anonalogue ranted that he was “shocked and outraged” and that “the word ‘Liberal’ does not belong in the same .jpeg as an assault rifle.”

Anonalogue continued his rant with the bold statements that “[t]here is no such thing as a South Park Liberal…” only “…South Park Conservatives,” and that “[y]ou can be a Liberal. Or you can be a South Park fan. But you cannot be a Liberal and a South Park fan.”

Earlier today, Mr. Anonalogue continued to pontificate his cartoon-induced rage in the comment section of the great blog known as daveberta with the “DEMAND[ing]” that the editors of daveberta remove the “viciously heteronomative… picture from his website and replace it with a… less heterosexual image more befitting of a gun registry and gay marriage supporter, like this.”

Daveberta’s Editor-in-Chief responded, “Mr. Anonalogue’s attack on chris-face’s masterpiece is an attack on all artists and freedom lovers. This gentleman is clearly on a mission to spread the dark ideas of mumbo-jumboism. One day he professes his love for libertarianism and Anne Cools, and then denounces it the next.” The Editor-in-Chief continued it is quite clear that Mr. Anonalogue’s statements regarding the ‘vicious heteronomative’ images in the masterpiece are signs of his secret agenda of implementing non-sex marriage in Canada.

Daveberta’s Editorial Board unanimously endorsed the following statement: “Conservative ducks such as Mr. Anonalogue have lost their battle against same-sex marriage and now they want to ruin it for us all. Not only is the principle of non-sex marriage clearly opposed by a majority of the human race, it’s just not cool and we will fight against Anonalogist non-sex marriage to the bitter end. It’s just not natural.


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