yee haw!

Well, i’m off to the Calgary Stampede in a couple hours.

I should be in Cowtown until Sunday, so you’ll have to bear without me until then.

Here’s some weekend reading…

Wonderdog has a great post on terrorist groups.

Ahab’s Whale has more reaction to the London bombings.

I’m hoping that Mr. Rempel (aka the Ambassador of Conservative Maturity) will have some Calgary Stampede commentary.

Rick from the BC Heartlands the hackishness of the BC Liberals.

And last but not least, Calgary Grit has started rating Stephen Harper’s Glad as Hell Tour ’05.

INSERT: Today, U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow visited Alberta’s tarsands in search of the missing WMD’s… (yes, that was my lousy attempt at humour… 😛 )

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