good dtimes.*

It’s a beautiful summer day and I’m semi-tired and semi-hungover. After a wonderful dinner last night at the U of A Faculty Club (where I dined like I was a member of the bourgeosie) I went out partying. It was good dtimes*.

Started at the Billiards Club on Whyte at about 10pm-ish and ended at Hudson‘s at closing time. It was great. I’m tired. Big thanks to Ms. Cassie Brown for letting me party and chill with her and her urban intellectual hipster friends (There’s nothing like sipping Martini’s while discussing the finer points of post-modernism). 😉

Also, a big “hej” to the Swedish women’s rowing team that I was dancing with at O’Byrne’s (I’m assuming they’re in e-town for the Masters Games).


D 🙂

PS. The Amazing Wonderdog has a pretty interesting post on the UK’s controversial shoot-to-kill policy. Check it out.

*Pronounced goou-de dimes (the “t” is silent).

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