blog corporatization

On Saturday, an article was published in the Financial Post which talked about the corporatization of blogs and the newly emerging blog markets…

I encourage you to read the article.

In the story, there was an interview with Mr. Om Malik, a senior writer with Business 2.0 magazine, which got my attention.

“I’m very patient so I know one day my blog will make money,” said Mr. Malik, a senior writer with Business 2.0 magazine whose technology blog can be found at “The problem is at some point I do need to make money. I have enough traffic and enough money from Google ads to pay the bills but the profits [now] are just enough to buy me a carton of cigarettes.”

I find it a little discouraging that more and more corporate blogs are joining the blogosphere. With the exception of a few, the quality of corporate blogs seems to be lacking in a major way.

While I don’t think the majority of bloggers are in it for what little money the average blog could potentially generate, it seems to me that the more and more people who become ‘in it for the money,’ the more diluted the ideas and debate will become. I look at the Canadian newspaper industry for example and the downward turn in quality of the Canwest papers for example.

Am I right or wrong?

Any thoughts on this?

UPDATE: It just dawned on me that this kind of turned into a rant against MSM blogs. Out of those, I still only think that a few are read worthy.

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