WILD ROSE ROUND UP #4: a day late and a record surplus short…

Well, it’s my first time, so be gentle…

Phil at 8—Track Mind has posted about his love of Su Doku and gives readers some valuable Su Doku advice:

“Assuming your Su Doku pusher is a reputable one, each puzzle only has one answer and can be solved by logic — no guessing required.”

Phil also blogged about his recent honeymoon to the Cayman Islands. Sounds like fun!

Alberta Propagandist listed of reason #2, 345 why the Martin government is the worst thing to happen to Canadian Politics. Bow Valley Blog posted a link to Bow Valley area singer/songwriter Chris Nettleton (check it out!)

Speaking of musicians… BumfOnline caught one of those nasty versions of blog music tag. Now the entire blog-o-sphere knows that BumfOnline owns 6069 songs, which translates into 17 days or 23.25 GB. Wow.

Russ at Burkean Canuck blogged about the finances of the nation and the suprise C-48 vote last week. Calgary Grit wrote about Anne McLellan and the floods and Justice Minister Irwin Cotler’s secret ping-pong talent…

Calgary Observer used translation talents to decrypt some recent political speak from Ottawa… and of course, what would a Liberal blog like CO be without a post about everybody’s favorite right-wing blogger, Peter Rempel. CO is no exception.

The Canadian Perasma
(also from Calgary…) blogged some political observations about Quebec politics and Mario Dumont’s ADQ, as well as an interesting post about transgenderism in Canada.

The Canuckistan Chronicles (also from Calgary…) blogged a bit about the SSM debate and also reached his 10,000th blog hit last week! Congrats Richard! Capitalist Pig & Socialist Swine (also from Calgary…) just got back from a trip to Rome and blogged about reverse-culture shock (welcome back!). Senator Catalyst (also from Calgary… i’m sensing a trend…) posted a fun parliamentary game that everyone should check out!

CIVTATENSIS blogged on a wide-variety of topics from Live 8 to Kyoto to southern Alberta flooding… Colby Cosh (who from what I can tell is some kind of blogging guru) posted some interesting info on cancer incidents in Canada…

Harlem Spanish over at Cosby Sweater wrote an interesting post on communism and wristbands (I asked the same questions…) Crittermusings blogged about the 5% of Canadians who are under 25… daveberta went to Clay Aiken…er…Lyle Oberg’s leadership announcement and wishes he were in Grenada….

Doucheblog doucheblogged about the Emperor Palpatine…er… Karl Rove and US Senator John McCain. Dust my Broom posted a fun cat pic and a post about Paul Martin’s trip to what could soon be known as the South Alberta Ocean

I %100 agree with Elephants with Wings (also from Calgary…) when she recently wrote

“…why sleep is more important than breakfast. Focusing on kids, but I imagine it carries through to adults as well. God knows I’d give up breakfast if it meant getting an extra hour of sleep.

Good call.

Last week, Essential Idealites Nicholas and Michael posted about Bob Geldoff and the recently released Pew Global Attitudes Survey. Lex Luthor of Going Green in Alberta (also from Calgary…) continued the Bob Geldorf theme of blogging (I hadn’t even heard of this guy until last week…)

The Godfather of Alberta blogs, Aaron from Grandinite filled out the MIT Web Survey and discovered that his blog is the number 1 google search for ‘Ivor Tossell.’ Over at Hanger 19, Bert posted an interesting quote from a recent Gwynn Dyer article and a funny billboard. I think Bert and I would get along just fine : )

Another Calgary blog… Herbinator! This blog is the proud owner of a new banner! The Herbinator also blogged about some recent campaigning he did with Green Party leader Jim Harris as a Green Party candidate for the next federal election. (Good luck, Herb!)

Ian had a funny letter on his messy desk! Idealistic Pragmatist had an insightful commentary on blogs that don’t allow comments. Ricia (also from Calgary…) at the Impetus Java House links to websites she wishes she had time to rant about… Matt (aka Jerry Aldini) commented on the most recent Licia Corbella ‘plagiarism scandal at the Calgary Sun…

Kevin Powell has written a great post putting a little perspective into the same-sex marriage debate… Eugene at Le Revue Gauche blogged about the Alberta Government’s decision to allow kids as young as 12 years-old to join the workforce… Lectio just finished (sewing or knitting) a Trellis sweater and is thinking of finishing up an Angora Tweed vest (named Tweedy!). Check out the pictures!

Firefox wouldn’t let me open Little Man in a Touque… I hope we didn’t lose you!

M.K. Braaten spent some time blogging about the recent health-care related Supreme Court ruling and the sneaky budget vote in OttawaMaple Leaf Blog has a fun pic from Toronto‘s Pride Parade and writes about Calgary and flooding… Will, who’s making some Noise from the Right is currently in Ottawa and hasn’t posted in a while! Our Thoughts contributors Kim, Mary, Mike, and Larry blogged about a new LDS blog, a new wiki debate, and an interesting post titled ‘Serving the Sacrement.’

Phendrana Drifts… ah, comrade Duncan’s blog. Duncan, who’s a raging Star-Wars-a-holic may have to buy a new computer! arg. He’s also thinking about buying the new game, Star Wars: Empire at War.

Over at Points of Information the hacks are back posting on a regular basis… the lord of hackdom, Steve Smith (who seemed to be hogging the POI blog benches last week 😛 ) blog-ponders why the Tories don’t take down the government and posts…

Political Cycles wrote a very interesting post on Christian Activism in Canada along with 10 more ways to prove that CANADA IS COOL! 🙂 I agree. Canada is cool! Props to Canada. 🙂

Tamara over at Rantastic (the host of last week’s awesome Wild Rose Round Up!) is gearing up for her M.Sc. defence in September! Let’s all send tones of good karma her way!

Red Between the Lines is written by the same author of Le Revue Gauche. In RBL, Eugene blogs about oil prices, criminal capitalism, and poor bashing. Red vs. Blue covers the politics of the same-sex marriage debate and the Evolution vs. Evilution spat in the Calgary Herald….

And now… Rempelia Prime…. One of my favorite right-o-wing blogs… Peter has been in a full fledged epic blog war with many of the Progressive Bloggers this past week… see the action here and here….

Simian Farmer has a great post about his new dog, Farley! Check out the post and the great picture! Laurie Hawn over at Strong and Free is also the Tory candidate in Edmonton Centre. In a lot of cases, being a Tory Candidate can generate enough controversy on its own, but some of Laurie’s recent comments seems to be generating a storm of their own… check it out and feel free to join in on the debate…

stupidangrycanajun explains what “Pog mo thoin” means… thanks… 🙂 The Black Kettle posted an interesting post about the number of children in the UK who are starting to be home schooled… the Murgatroyd Blog continues with some great contributions to the Live 8/foreign aid/Africa debate…. Robbie from Voices of a Distant Star blogs about the sweetest thing I have ever heard of: a freaking ROBOTIC VACUUM!!!! That is too cool…

Candace from Waking up on Planet X continues the Bob Geldoff debate. She also doesn’t think Rick Mercer is very funny anymore… (Sorry Candace, I still think he’s funny 😛 )

Allie over at Walks like Summer Rain (with the cool template) has a neat post about last week’s constellations:

“Look to the west tonight as the sun sets and you will see three planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, in very close conjunction with each other. It should make for an interesting looksee – and it has been reported that this will be the best conjunction we will see until 2030. Conjunctions of 2 or 3 planets happen often, grouping them together so it appears as one large star in the sky. In ancient times people thought them to be omens, and it is likely that the “star in the east that the wisemen were said to have followed was actually a three planet conjunction.”

Last, but not least… Vitor from What it Takes to Win wrote about Ottawa‘s recent decision to grant travel visas to family members of a Syrian general…

So… there we have it… WILD ROSE ROUND UP #4… it took longer than I had expected, but here are some trend observations….

– Since I agreed to do this, Alberta Blogs has grown by what seems like 5000%.
Rick Mercer is getting a lot of blog coverage in Alberta.
– Bob Geldoff is getting about the same amount.
– There’s a lot of bloggers in Calgary! (I stopped counting about half way through!)
– Alberta Blogs hosts a pretty diverse bunch of bloggers… keep it up!

UPDATE: Any thoughts? Comment like heck! Jason Cherniak got over 60 comments in ONE POST last week, I’m sure we can beat him! 😛

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