O’Brien may vote against Liberals

Former Liberal MP Pat O’Brien has said that he and another (unnamed) Liberal MP may vote against the Government in tonight’s budget vote if the Government did not delay the Same-Sex Marriage Bill.

So, assuming all MP’s show up, and the O’Brien senario plays out, that would make it:

131 Liberals (-the Speaker and the ‘unnamed Liberal MP’)
19 ND’s
= 150

96 Tories (minus Gurmant Grewal and David Chatters (Chatters for sure), and perhaps Darrell Stinson)
54 Bloc Quebecois
1 Independent (O’Brien)
1 Liberal (My bets are on Tom Wappell)
= 152

WILD CARD: 2 other Independent MP’s (Parrish and Kilgour)

So, if this senario plays out and both Parrish and Kilgour vote with the Lib/ND Coalition, then the Speaker will break the tie, if not…

Read more on CBC.

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