it was bound to happen…

In a previous post, I blogged about the retirement of Rich Vivone, the editor of Insight into Government, a weekly Alberta Legislature news report. In the post, I wrote that Cambridge Strategies had purchased Mr. Vivone’s publication and that Marc Lisac would be succeeding Mr. Vivone as editor.

In reality, Mr. Lisac has purchased the publication, and Cambridge Strategies simply sponsored a transition party for the changeover.

I apologize to Mr. Vivone, Mr. Lisac, and Cambridge Strategies for posting this incorrect information, as it was not my intention to spread false information. Thank You, Mr. Vivone for pointing out my error.

I would also like to wish Mr. Vivone a happy retirement. Thank You for years of informative and interesting legislative reporting! Also, I would like to wish Marc Lisac good luck in his new venture!

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