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Dear loyal readers,

Along with updating my ‘les blogs’ section, I’ve added a new feature on the side bar called ‘le blog of the week.’ Hopefully, every week or two, I’ll put some special blogger’s blog in the spotlight and single them out for being:

1. Smart
2. Entertaining
3. Informative
4. Not crazy right-wing.

The very first ‘blog of the week’ is Buckets of Grewal. Buckets is a hard working Hamilton blogger who has taken the blog-o-sphere by storm in gathering info on “Grewal-gate.” Along with co-posters, Edward T. Bear and the Shoveller, Buckets of Grewal is kept crisp and up to date. Buckets even made it on the CTV website!

As all epic battles, the forces of darkness have begun to muster their armies in an attempt to discredit hard-working Buckets.

Alas, Buckets can rest assured that he or she has the full support of daveberta and my small but dedicated band of recycling downtown dwellers.

Keep up it up!

D : )

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