10 random facts

I could’nt sleep last night, so here you go…

– Name of the McGill Student Society Building: The William Shatner Student Centre

– Total value of Canada’s Barley industry in 1970: $144,700,000

– Total value of Canada’s Barley industry in 1995: $795,500,000

– Length of Mel Brook’s ‘Spaceballs: 1 hour 37 minutes.

– Number of BC Premiers since 1980: 8

– Number of Alberta Premiers since 1980: 3

– Kilometers of paved roadway in Ecuador: approx. 8,165km

– % of alcohol in a 330ml bottle of Corona: 4.6%

– % of alcohol in a 461ml bottle of Big Rock (Grasshopper): 5%

– 1964 Hart Trophy winner: Jean Béliveau (Montreal!)

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