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Alberta. Home of the beautiful baldass prairie, Jasper, Banff, and Lake Louise, the mad cow, the giant perogy, the Calgary Stampede, the Senator-in-Waiting, and of course, the Lodgepoll Pine. This free spirited province flavours its politics as western populism, where the roots of the Manning dynasty and the Reform Party flourished in a longstanding democratic tradition of down to earth politics and social conservatism. And last but not least: Alberta, the personal playground of our glorious, blessed, and beloved Leader, Ralph Klein….

Klein no doubt enjoying ‘personal time’ away from dome: Regards question period a time for opposition to ask him ‘stupid questions’
The Edmonton Journal
Sun 15 May 2005
Page: A6 Section: News
Column: Capital Notebook

When Premier Ralph Klein revealed Friday he was taking “personal time” instead of showing up this week for the closing of legislature, it marked the latest chapter in his long-standing lack of interest in house business and question period, its public highlight.

In fall 2003, he skipped out of Edmonton for trips to Ontario and England and missed about half of a skimpy three-week autumn session.

The opposition was miffed he was ditching his democratic duties — and their chance to grill him during QP — but Klein responded with contempt.

“My sole purpose to exist is not to satisfy the Liberals,” the premier said.

“Their whole performance depends on whether they can grill me and try to embarrass me and to ask me stupid questions to which I’m expected to give intelligent answers.”

For QP-watching junkies, the last one this spring will either be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how swiftly MLAs can go through the remaining legislation debates.

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