my bc election predictions…

Based on pure instinct… here I go…

Seat Projections:

Liberal – 53 (46%)
NDP – 25 (38%)
Green – 1 (10%)
DRBC – 0 (3%)
Other – 0 (3%)


– Campbell will keep his seat in Vancouver Point Grey.
– James will win in Victoria Beacon Hill.
– The NDP will win nearly every seat on Vancouver Island (Malahat-Juan de Fuca will be a close NDP win against DRBC Leader Tom Morino) but be the minority in the Interior and the Lower Mainland.
– Green Leader Adrienne Carr will be elected in Powell River-Sunshine Coast by a very slim margin.
– The largest amount of popular vote will go to the Liberals.
– The STV Vote will be defeated.
– Expect a low voter turnout.

So… tonight, we will all see how acurately attuned I am to the BC political climate…

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