forces of darkness defeated in labrador

Well, it seems that the Liberals have held their ground against Stephen Harper’s army of darkness in the sprawling riding of Labrador.

Here’s how the results of yesterday’s by-election played out:

Todd Russell, Liberal – 5,438 (51.5%)
Graham Letto, Tory – 3,415 (32.3%)
Frances Fry, NDP – 1,045 (9.9%)
Ern Condon, Ind – 598 (5.7%)
Jason Crummey, Green – 68 (0.6%)
Total Valid Votes – 10,564 (54.1% voter turnout)

So, the Tories gained as expected but didn’t win (also as expected).

Watching this by-election gave me the urge to look at the results of past by-elections. It turns out that since the Liberals formed government in 1993, there have been 33 by-elections. The Liberals have won 21, the Bloc Quebecois 4, the NDP 2, the former Progressive Conservatives 4, and the former Canadian Alliance 2 (Stockwell Day and Stephen Harper).

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