for shame

Like many Canadians, I was shocked and surprised to hear that Tory MP Belinda Stronach had crossed the floor and joined Paul Martin’s Cabinet. But what shocked and suprised me the most was the wave of negativity, anger, and pure outrage that came from Conservative MP’s, MLA’s, and their supporters.

The comments, many, which came from Alberta Conservatives, were embarrassing and insulting not only to Ms. Stronach, but to all Canadians. Accusations that “she whored herself out for power,” and that she is a “dipstick” are completely unacceptable and show a complete lack of class and integrity from the politicians who threw the insult.

Yes, Ms. Stronach is an ambitious and opportunistic politician, and the voters in her riding will hold her accountable for her actions. But, the sexist outrage that has been thrown at her by her former Conservative colleagues is unacceptable and disgraceful.

It is the perfect example of how little we expect of our elected officials.


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