…the jackboot of the bourgeoisie…

The Alberta Tory convention is this weekend. Apparently, there are no hospitality suites allowed! Now, say my name was Josiah and I was a Conservative party member who was coming to the convention in Edmonton all the way from Cardston or Cereal or something, and found out that there weren’t going to be any hosptiality suites simply because the ‘illustrious and *benevolent* leader-for-life of my great great great government for the millennia’ Party didn’t want his rivals to shmooze and party it up – I would be very bent up in the wrong direction.

Does anybody else think that it is quite ironic that Premier Klein is the one who doesn’t want the boozefest of hospitality suites to flourish and spread their wings of alcoholic bliss upon the PC Convention?

But alas, I am sooo glad that i’m not in that situation and that I belong to a Party who knows how to party it up with the best of them.

On another PC leadership related note, I thought this was fun and a little ironic. Go to and type in “elect dave hancock’. I was as shocked as you will be…

Ah, and soon to come: my review of Summa Theologica by our good friend, St. Thomas Aquinas.

-Keepin’ it real since 1983-

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