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Well, i’m sure that other blogs are covering tonight’s TV address by Prime Minister Paul Martin. So, if you would like to read about that, there are blog links on the sidebar that you can link to. I’m going to write about something different.

Last week, the PM called a by-election in the currently vacant riding of Labrador. As I am a political science student, it’s in my bizarre nature to be interested in such events. So, here I go:


The skinny: A by-election was called following the death of Labrador Liberal MP Lawrence O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien, who had served as MP for Labrador since elected in a 1996 By-Election, passed away from cancer last December.

2005 Candidates (so far):

Graham Letto, Conservative – Mr. Letto is the Mayor of the Town of Labrador City (yes, it’s a town of a city).

Todd Russell, Liberal – Mr. Russell is the President of the Labrador Metis Nation (and has a way better website than Mr. Letto).

No word yet on who the NDP or Green candidates will be. The final list of candidates will be announced by Elections Canada in the upcoming weeks.

There wasn’t that much information that I could find on this by-election. For up to date breaking news on the by-election, keep an eye on I do know that if a General Election is called before May 24, the by-election would be cancelled and it would merge into the General Election.

Interesting Labrador facts:

In Labrador…

…there are 27,865 people.
…there are 20,049 registered voters.
…it costs $30.00 to purchase a dog licence.
…it costs $3.00 to purchase a cat licence.
…the average winter temperature is between -10°C and -25°C.
…the average summer temperature is between 5°C and 15°C.
…95% of North America’s Puffin’s breed in the Newfoundland and Labrador region.

Past Labrador Election Results

Lawrence O’Brien, Liberal – 6,182
Randy Collins, NDP – 4,615 (Mr. Collins is now the NDP MHA for Labrador West)
Mike Patton, PC – 842
Stephane Girardin, Reform – 573

Lawrence O’Brien, Liberal – 7,153
Amanda Will, NDP – 1,284
Hayward Broomfield, PC – 1,254
Eugene Burt, Alliance – 677

Lawrence O’Brien, Liberal – 5,524
Merrill Strachan, Conservative – 1,400
Ern Condon, Independent – 919
Shawn Crann, NDP – 856
Lori-Ann Martino, Green – 178

UPDATE: The NDP have nominated Ms. Frances Fry as their Candidate. Read the ND Press Release here.

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