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Well, I promised it, and here it is – some gossip from my ‘source-on-the-floor’ of the Alberta PC Convention at Northlands in Edmonton this weekend.

Apparently, other than the disturbingly large amount of delegates wearing ‘Lyle Oberg for Leader’ buttons, the Tories made some interesting decisions related to their ‘youth’ wing.

In order to address the lack of youth involvement in their party, Alberta PC delegates came up with a truly Alberta Tory solution. They have voted to change the definition of ‘youth’ from 14-25 to 14-35. So, that means, if you were a 35 year old Regular PC member yesterday – today you are now a member of the Progressive Conservative Youth Association…

Oh oh! but it gets even more bizarre – under the new category, ‘youth’ members who are +26 are not voting members of the ‘youth’ association even though they are technically members…. does this seem really weird to anyone else?

And just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore juice!!

The big ‘renewal initiative’ that the Tories undertook after being slapped around in the last election recommended that they hire a staff member to support the youth-wing with organizing, etc. Well, apparently the President of the PC ‘youth’ association got up to the mike and spoke vehemently against this motion – to the chagrin of the ‘youth’ membership which he supposedly represents… the motion was defeated…

Wow, these guys are better than pay-per view TV!

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