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Well, what an interesting week in Alberta politics.

1) It looks like David Kilgour, MP for Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont, is interested in rejoining the Tories. How many “cross-the-floor” monopoly cards does Mr. Kilgour have?

This contridicts rumours I have been hearing for a couple of months that he was planning on retiring before the next election. Maybe this is his way of distancing himself from the Feds and then retiring with somewhat of a good name? Though he’s a Liberal MP, I have never really considered him to be a liberal, his right leaning views tend to clash with some of the basic principles of Canadian liberalism (he was a PC MP from 1979 to 1993, then crossed to the Libs). This aside, he has served the constituents of southeast Edmonton for 25 years and has obviously gained their respect (and votes!).

2) According to the latest EKOS poll (which has been covered in about 99% of Canadian blogs minus this one) was released recently, here are the numbers.

Conservative – 36.2%
Liberal – 25%
NDP – 20.5%
Bloc – 12.6%
Green – 5%

The breakdowns has the NDP leading in BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, the Tories leading in Alberta (no suprise), Ontario, and the Maritimes, with the Bloc taking a massive lead in Quebec.

This doesn’t look good for the Federal Liberals no matter which way they spin it. Interesting times ahead.

3) The Alberta PC convention rapped up last weekend with internal infighting and political divisions displayed front and centre. Premier Klein told leadership candidates to “cool their jets.” But, I guess if by “cool[ing] their jets” he meant:

-set up campaign websites (such as this one and this one),

-host networking parties (ie: free booze and food),

-take out newspaper Ad’s (a la Mark Norris),

-and print up some buttons,

then the Alberta Tories are one big happy family. Let the entertainment begin! : )

4) The Provincial budget is being released on Wednesday (13 days after the fiscal year began) – as noted earlier, I will be there and will bring you all the good gossip – apparently the government will finally be raising the AISH subsidy (still not even close to living wage though), present the already promised money for education, and won’t be dealing out any tax-cuts. So, it looks pretty lackluster so far.

This is all for now.

D 🙂

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